Lift Station Repairs

Don't Ignore That Strange Odor

A foul-smelling odor is often the first sign that there could be a bigger problem with your lift station. Usually the result of poor maintenance, a clogged pump, or worse, our highly skilled septic specialists have the right equipment, expertise, and experience to quickly and affordably diagnose the issue and get your system running properly again in no time.

Signs You May Need Lift Pump Repairs

e consequences of a failed or poorly functioning lift station can range from foul odors and standing water to more serious health concerns. Contact Clearwater Septic and Pumping immediately if you notice any of the following:

Strong odors throughout your house
Slow drainage in your pipes
Water backup in your drains, bathtubs, or sinks

Don’t Ignore Your Lift System

Regular maintenance and inspection of your lift station and its pumping components are key to preventing major septic issues. Whether you need a simple lift station pipe replacement or more complicated repairs, contact us today for a free estimate and put your mind at ease with Clearwater Septic and Pumping.

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