Sump Pump Repairs

Protect Your Home from Basement Floods

A properly functioning sump pump is your first line of defense against a possible basement or crawlspace flood. With over ten years of experience, our skilled and courteous technicians can handle all of your sump pump needs to keep your basement dry, safe, and free of potential water damage.

Don't Ignore Common Sump Pump Problems

If you suspect your sump pump isn’t working properly, don’t panic. Most sump pump issues can be resolved quickly and affordably by one of our certified specialists. However, to ensure your sump pump operates at maximum efficiency, we encourage you to schedule a thorough inspection if you notice any of the following:

The pump appears to work but there is no water in the sump pit
The pump is clogged or the float valve is jammed
The pump is running non-stop due to a stuck valve
The lines might be frozen due to inclement cold weather

Your Sump Pump Solution Specialists

From routine sump pump maintenance and installation, to sump pump replacements and 24 hour emergency repair services, contact Clearwater Septic and Pumping today for a free estimate and leave the dirty work to us.

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